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Watch Us Turn This Vacant Lot
...Into A Lot Of Wealth
We will show you the Costs, Contractors, Construction, & Completion
for new construction, rehabs, and commercial real estate
Mind Shift Mastery: How To Harness 
the Power of the 7 Universal Laws

Tuesday, September 19th at 8pm est

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  • THE LIMITS: How to identify and overcome your self-imposed limiting beliefs that keep you playing small
  • THE LAWS: How to see the 7 Unseen Universal Laws already operating in your life from a Gods-eye-view
  • THE LIBERATION: How to achieve freedom in any area of your life by mastering the 7 Universal Laws

About Me

SatRah “Rah” is a spiritual being of light, having a human experience. She is a native of California, who has always felt deeply connected to nature and the cosmos. Recently, she left a safe Global Marketing career behind in favor of pursuing her lifelong passion of writing and being a successful entrepreneur. When she isn’t writing, by day you will find Rah spending time with her two boy’s, providing council and inspiration to her clients through teaching the 7 Universal Laws. She is also a business consultant and conduct’s corporate team-building events, with workshops, and retreats for those seeking a more balanced leadership team.

HERE IS THE 30' x 120' LOT...

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