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Tai is Teaching 
Teenage Career Success
 in the New Economy
Tai is creating presentations and lessons in accordance with Learning Standards for
Career Development and Occupational Studies. More simply, she is creating solutions to the problems outlined in the video below, including...
Tai's Message and Presentations Focus On:
  •  Dispelling the myths around charts that correlate higher median earnings with higher degrees of education.
  •  Preparing teens to explore jobs, careers, and businesses while still a teenager to prevent the sinking feelings of failure from college grads getting smacked in the face with job reality.
  •  Empowering Teens to steer their own careers by learning how to understand demand for high-earning jobs vs. the saturation of people with those degrees before choosing a college major.
  • How to choose a college major to avoid underemployment while being over-educated and in debt and never have to take a grey-collar job.
  •  Speak the truth about which higher education degrees DO prepare grads for high-earning jobs and which majors are in demand.
  • Showing by example that while education is key to achieving success, the key to their life's work lies in who they are.
  •  Every presentation will include a chance for your teens meet and chat with Tai! - All Rights Reserved
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