The Black Appreciation List


My name is Jullien Gordon aka Mr. Multifamily.

This is a list of mostly people I personally know and trust who are committed to helping Black people experience more health & wealth which is critical in times like this. They do what they do for the culture.

No more waiting on athletes, rappers, churches, politicians, and saviors. We are who we've been waiting for.

We have everything and everyone we need to be free. We've just been disorganized, so I took the time to organize us.

Jullien Gordon


1. Create A Specific Business (20)
2. Digital Marketing (10)
3. Create A Coaching / Consulting Business (4)
4. Real Estate Investing (13)
5. Financial Literacy (14)
6. Food & Fitness (8)
7. Health & Wellness (4) 
8. Valuable Coaches & Consultants (12)

1. Create A Specific Business

How To Create A Notary Business

Andre Hatchett

How To Create A T-Shirt Business

Channel Dixon, Founder of Art of Homage

How To Create A Speaking Business

Arel Moodie, True Speaking Success

How To Create An Online Course

Danielle Leslie, Course From Scratch

How To Create A Tax Business

Prince Donnell, Jumping Jack Tax

How To Create A Profitable Mobile App

Muoyo Okome, App Magic

How To Create A Bestselling Book

Ash Cash, Mind Right Money

How To Create A Cashflow Positive AirBnB

Brief Homes

How To Create A Successful E-Commerce Business

Chris Johnson

How To Start Your Own Insurance Business

Matthew Brown

How To Start A Hotel Business

Omari Head

How To Create Your Own Event Space

Neo Davis

How To Create A Trucking Business

Hood Estates

How To Create A Speaking Business

Odell Bizzell

How To Create A Growing Subscription Business

Justin Burns

How To Create A Profitable Mobile App

Dana Chanel, Alakazam Apps

How To Create A Canibus Business

Mary Pryor, Cannaclusive

How To Create A Profitable Rental Space

Ashley & Brett Nobles, Your Income Space

How To Create A High-End Premium Brand

19 Keys, Gold Water, Crownz, & Crownz Oil

How To Create Your Own Used Car Sales Business

Deforest Augustus

How To Create A Profitable Virtual Or Live Conference

Gabbi Deculus

2. Digital Marketing

How To Sell High-Ticket Program On Social Media

Marquel Russell

How To Create Instagram & YouTube Ads That Convert

Dottie Reynolds

How To Turn Clicks Into Customers

Billy Gene

How To Create A Successful Social Ad

Sam Bell

How To Scale Your Social Media Advertising

Terry Foster

How To Sell With Social

Abu Fofanah

How To Sell Anything With Facebook Ads

Jubril Agoro

How To Create Amazing Content Consistently

David Shands, Real Social Proof

3. Create A Coaching/Consulting Business

How To Get Clients Consistently

Courtney Sanders, Consistent Client Crash Course

How To Get Certified & Get Corporate Coaching Clients

Towanna Burrous

How To Increase Your Prices & Improve Offers

Jereshia Hawk

How To Build A Legitimate 6 or 7-Figure Business

Lamar Tyler, Traffic, Sales, & Profit

How To Position & Package Your Expertise

Kierra Jones

How To Buy Multifamily Real Estate

Jullien Gordon

How To Leverage OPM, Opp Zone, & Historic Tax Credits

Anthony Kimble, Kimble Properties

How To Buy Back The Block & Get Mortgage Free

Greg Parker

How To Buy Back The Block Together

Christopher Senegal

How To Acquire Real Estate Without Debt

Ayesha Selden

How To House Hack Your First Multifamily Home

Kendra Barnes

How To Buy Your First Home

Casanova Brooks

How To Wholesale Real Estate Virtually

Max Maxwell

How To Buy Commercial Real Estate & Crowdfund

Jay Morrison, Jay Morrison Academy

How To Finance Almost Any Real Estate Deal

Matthew Garland

How To Win By Becoming Your Own G.C.

Doug Depte

How To Flip Houses & Use Tax Sales

Mark Whitten

How To Raise Money & Replace The Bank

Brittney Rogers, Houston Homes

How To Invest In Real Estate With Partners

Nicole Purvy

How To Rehab Real Estate For Women

Alexis Lee

5. Financial Literacy

How To Invest In The Stock Market

Dr. Boyce Watkins, The Black Business School

How To Budget & Build Wealth

Tiffany Aliche, Live Richer Academy

How To Build Wealth With Your Entire Family

Derrick Grace, In Home Banking

How To Eradicate Your Personal Debt Fast

Tai Abrams

How To Invest In The Stock Market

Wall Street Trapper

How To Repair Your Credit

Will Roundree

How To Handle Your Business Taxes

Lyshaan Hall, Breukelen Wealth

How To Reduce Your Student Loans

Sonia, The Student Loan Doctor

How To Create A Personal Wealth Strategy

Tonya Rapley, MyFabFinance

How To Increase Your Financial IQ

Earn Your Leisure

How To Raise Your Credit Score

Demetrius Early

How To Leverage Your Credit & Live Free

Him 500

How To Fight Against Your Student Loans

Stanley Tate Esq.

How To Leverage Stock Options

Charles Oglesby

How To Day Trade Stocks In Your Socks

Chris Coleiam

How To Legally Reduce Your Taxes

Karla Dennis

6. Fitness & Food

Fruit & Juicing


Women's Fitness

Ashanti Johnson


Trina Morris, Style Root


Nicole Cardoza

Women's Fitness

Hejira “Coach HJ”- Cert PT

Vegetarian Cooking

Chef Anki

Women's Fitness

Kamilah McDonald

Aerial Yoga

Mia Bradford

Men's Fitness

Gaines by Gaines

Women's Fitness


7. Health & Wellness

How To Live A Holistic & Healthy Life (Women)

Queen Afua, Sacred Woman

How To Live A Holistic & Healthy Life (Men)

Supernova Slom, Super Mega Greens

How To Master Your Own Biology


How To Fast

Edward Williams, Health By Any Means

8. Valuable Coaches & Consultants

How To Shift Your Life From The Inside Out

Zakiya Harris

How To Make Money & Your Marriage Work

Yahya, Feminine Success

How To Heal Your Inner Child & Become Queen

Queen Shereen

How To Legally Secure Your Intellectual Property

Jo-Na Williams Esq.

How To Step Into Your Star Power & Get More Publicity

Charreah Jackson

How To Have Your Next Personal Breakthrough

Coach KJ

How To Restore Your Marriage

Josie Rosario, Couples Therapist

How To Step Into Your Purpose & Power

Cherita Weatherspoon

How To Find & Direct Your Purpose

Ruby Maddox

How To Create A Financial Plan For Your Family

Aminah West

How To Tell Your Story So That It Resonates

Holley Murchinson

How To Heal After Losing A Loved One

Heather Horton

How To Manage Your Relationship To Tech

Meico Whitlock

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